Home is where your heart is,  Welcome to my Happy Place, our old dairy farm in Southern Oregon. In it’s day cows were milked, grain was milled and hay was stacked.  This is our adventure, living , and loving the old place one repair at a time.

The old dairy barn is the hub of the farm everyone that comes to visit  be it family or friends, we always end up in the barn.  Great conversations are enjoyed here regarding the hidden secrets the old barn holds of it’s history.  

The big old barn has a cozy feeling, you just want to close your eyes , picture what it once looked like to see the cows being milked, and take in the sweet smell of milk and hay all mixed into one.

It was a grand place at one time, and we hope it can be again some day, a gathering place on the farm for family, friends to laugh and enjoy the big  old barn and it’s memories.

The farm is a place where our children and their children can come and enjoy the way of living we are a custom too, Farm Life, It’s a way of living.