Wondering Why the name?

So I’ve been asked why “Just Farm Girl It” ? Well lets see If I can explain it on paper. If you’ve ever visited a farm, or grew up on a farm, or lived on a farm or knew someone that lived on a farm then you’ll probably understand this.

For me it’s a way of life, a way of thinking , a way of doing.  Everyday I’m doing something on the farm , it could be feeding animals, planting, irrigating, cooking or cleaning house (not my favorite) or riding my horse.  I look at life through the eyes of our farm, everything I do relates back to the farm, even going to work.  So how does that have anything to do with “Just Farm Girl It”, I make it my own, what I accomplish in my life is my way and my way is “Just Farm Girl It”.

I do give the husband a bad time from time to time, by saying oh “Just Farm Girl It” of course I get a look, but he gets it he knows because he understands what life on the farm is all about.  It’s a way of living, not just living.

So If you haven’t been to the farm, or experienced a farm you should try it.

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