Forever In Our Thoughts

Living on a farm teaches you many lessons in life, death is one of them. In life everything will change, that’s the way it’s suppose to be but sometimes that change in our life is such an adjustment it takes more than time to mend.

Our recent lost of Peaches are beloved cat of 19 years, is one of those times.  This is her story, along with her mother and 3 other kittens she was left in an locked apartment when the residents moved out unknown to the landlord. The mother and two kittens didn’t survive, as most mother’s she cared for those kittens until she no longer could with nothing to sustain her left behind. The two tiny kittens when discovered were brought to the veterinarian clinic where I was working at the time, we hand fed them until they were able to eat on their own, then it was time to find them forever homes.  Two beautiful little kittens that survived a horrible ordeal, one tabby, and one a kitten of another color, orange ears, striped tail, and seal point patches across a white coat of fur, and bright blue eyes.  Their mother was a Siamese, and daddy unknown.

Forever homes are hard to find, when pets become a burden they seem to be expendable, we thought the “the kitten with the odd markings” would be the first to find her home, but that wasn’t the case the little tabby found her home and the bright blue eyed kitten was left by herself for the first time in her life.  Oh how she cried, with her Siamese meow, heart wrenching  sound of loneliness.   I started taking her home on weekends, so she could have company, and of course she became a fixture, and the youngest son named her “Peaches” she’s been in our lives ever since. Ruler of the roost as my husband says, with her loud demanding meow for food, attention and anything else she wanted.

We said goodbye to her this week, the house is eerily quiet no demanding meows, or sleeping on the bed or anywhere else she wanted. She has her place with the other pets we have lost here on the farm, and of course there will be others.  I still wake up thinking she’s on the bed, or in her bed, I rise early because I know she’ll be demanding to be fed, when I don’t hear her I find myself looking for her, then I realize, she’s not here physically, but she’s still here in my thoughts everyday and will be for a very long time, having a constant connection for 19 years won’t go away over night, she’ll be here If not in body but spirit in my heart always.

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