Farm Tales

Max The Guardian

This is our Maximus “Max” for short, Great Pyrenees and Akbash the day we brought him home two years ago @ three months old weighing 25 pounds.  He’s a guardian dog which means his job is to keep predators off the farm.  He was born in a goat barn to establish his guardian traits at a young age. Max is a wonderful dog, he’s two years old, he’s matured into a large 125 pounds of serious stuff when it comes to protecting his place, no stray dog gets past Max or skunk or muskrat. Although he does have a soft spot for kids, he loves the grand kids.  Max loves my husband too, where ever my husband is on the farm, Max is there too, all I have to do is see Max (can’t miss him) and there my husband will be. My husband would never admit it, but Max is his favorite too.

This is our Max today, doing what he likes best getting up high so he can see everything is “Ok” on the farm.

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