Cattle Brand History

The original brand from Round Hole Nevada, The Bonham Ranch in the Smoke Creek Desert. The Ranch was established in the 1800’s and sold in the seventies.  It was a working cattle ranch, where hard work was a necessity for survival.  In it’s day it was a stage stop, as time went buy it also happen to be the only place around for 75 miles that had a gas pump. Multi generations lived on the ranch along with ranch hands and summer help, alfalfa hay  was grown on the the alkali flats watered by the artisan wells that flowed from the ground .  The high desert mountain ranges loomed over the ranch, many a stories they could tell of the history that was made there.  As generations move on stories are told, and learned by others to tell them again and again, it’s life’s  passage to carry on family traditions and inherited tales.

This is our brand now, quarter circle JF established by the first JF Bonham to come to the Smoke Creek Desert, my husband is the only one left that has the initials JF from many generations.  Many cattle wore this brand from the ranch, in a time we too had cattle marked as ours with it. Now we keep the brand active more for sentiment than anything else. It has it’s place on the fire place mantle these days, in another time it was a usual tool to mark possession of something that meant life or death for your family in country that you survived or you didn’t, days of hard work, bitter winters and the hope of better prices for your cattle and crops.

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