Blessings Come to us in Many Ways

In some part of our lives we all have been blessed with something that changed our lives, or made our life better or even just something that made us have a great day, each of us as unique as we are consider our blessings in different ways.  They may be miracles or luck, but for me I consider them blessings, a gift you might call it.  Really there out there and they come to us and sometime we don’t even notice.

Sometimes I also call them gifts of life, like this morning in the green house was a little tree frog that had not been there before, here he was a gift of life.  You may think that odd or silly, but not everyone has seen or experienced a little frog or even know what it was. On the way to work this morning, I saw two beautiful Kestrel Hawks sitting on a post together what a wonder it was, they’re so colorful and gracious.

I could go on about all the gifts I saw or experienced today but today I think my blessing was a new grand daughter born this morning with a wonderful family name, Greeley Barbara Bonham.  Welcome little one to our family, and always cherish your given name for you were named for two great people in life.  Nana will make sure you are a Farm Girl and learn to ride horses and love all animals.

Sleep tight little one your life has just begun, many more blessings to come.

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