One Room at a time, refurbishing the Ole Farm House

When you live in a old house, you soon discover there are rooms you can live with for awhile and others that have to be restored first!  My first one in our farm house was the bath room, below is what it use to look like: First I started the “plan” what I wanted it to look like, then I found the perfect contractor that listened to what we wanted, he was great, we got the best results. It’s tough having only one bathroom especially when your remodeling it, it’s only my husband and I most of the time so it worked out pretty good, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to do it very often.  How did we survive it? Well we had a portable restroom brought in, the company was so great they brought in a brand new one and cleaned it often, yes we were with out the bathroom just about two weeks.  We looked at it as an adventure! for sure, the most interesting  part was bathing in the horse trailer we called it the “bath house” actually we even discussed building a real one some day just for the memories.  I washed my hair at the kitchen sink which did get old real quick, hard on the back and neck though.


What we didn’t want to do is take away from the character of the farm house but we did want to bring life back to it, so I think we got somewhere in the middle new and old features.  When I started looking at magazines for ideas one thing  I really wanted was a vanity that looked like a dresser, so I held fast to that.



The room just evolved, and I love it! That’s what matters right! Below is what it looks like today.  More remolding pictures to come.


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