Harvest time on the Farm is work time.

When the hay is cut and down in the fields, it lays and dries in the summer sun waiting to be turned over by the hay rake, to yet wait again for another day of drying and raked one final time before the baler goes chug, chug, chug pulling in the loose hay to create a rectangle of hay tied to together with twine.  Today was one of those days, the hay was turned for the second time in it’s drying process, and by Friday it will be baled and stacked waiting to be put into the barn for it’s winter storage.  The hay smells sweet as you walk the rows of cut hay , it looks like a maze winding through them deciding which way to go.

Today was a work day on the farm preparing for the new hay to be put into the barns, what is left of the hay from last year had to be moved for the harrow bed to bring in the new.  The hired hand was here today (that’s me) it was a holiday so here I was to help the farm manager I call him (my husband).  We had  twelve bales to move from one barn to another, a pickup truck and four dogs were the crew. My husband and I did the heavy work, while the dogs kept a close eye on everything else, one was in the truck for safe keeping she’s little but thinks she’s big. We all know men and women do things differently, that works for moving hay too, my husband can pick the bales up by the twine strings and toss them around, while I prefer a hay hook or two.  Needless to say, I can get the hay from point A to B, but not the same way he does, doesn’t mean it’s wrong it’s just different, and probably slower then his method. But he’s patience with me, (because he wouldn’t want to make the hired hand mad) and it all got done.

I would have liked to gone to the parade today, but the Farm work is important and I head back to work tomorrow, so today was the day.  As I was closing barn gates, I was watching a large bird approaching, to my delight it was a bald eagle, the site of it made me think how blessed we are to live in a country that celebrates Independence Day, and the freedoms we have as Americans.  It was a beautiful day to be alive taking in the smell of fresh cut hay, enjoying the site of the bald eagle and enjoying good company: husband, dogs and homemade grape ice cream.

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