Not Just Another Day On The Farm

Everyday is different on the farm, some are routine and others take us different directions, like yesterday.   I drove two hours to visit a friend I hadn’t seen since he left work (we work together) over three months ago. Three months ago or so he started his third round of chemo therapy since I’ve known him a little over five years.  The drive was beautiful through Lake of the Woods then on to Butte Falls, 19 miles off Hwy 140 W down a curvy two lane road to a small town that seamed to set out in the middle of no where.  Trees, trees and more trees, it was a spectacular variety of pines, firs and others.  The town it’s self had been an old logging town, with the high school displaying “Loggers” on the football score board. I had a great visit with my friend and it was good to see him, and Marley his dog which comes to work too.  We talked about a lot of things especially his life, he’s a good person that has had some hardships along the way, and this is another.  He won’t be coming back to work, and I don’t know that I will see him again, I do know that I will text him every once in awhile to let him know I think of him often and to tell him what a great person I believe he is, he doesn’t believe it but I will tell him because to me he is.

When I left his house and drove back the curvy road to Hwy 140 W, I thought about not seeing him again because life never lets us know how long we will be around, any day it could be our turn. I’ve decided it’s ok because I’m a better person for knowing him and I will think of him often and tell myself what a great person he was.

Not just another day, Recently we received word from a long time friend regarding his wife that was battling lung cancer had passed a year to the day she was diagnosed. I look at it as a blessing, her treatments were grueling, and there were complications.  She was funny and sweet and fun to be with the four of us were married on the same day (not together), our kids were around the same age. We have lots of memories together, good times celebrating our anniversaries together. I just didn’t want her to suffer anymore she had been through a lot. I will always remember her humor, she would get us to laughing so hard we’d cry. Oh the stories she could tell, especially  about her husband.  You will be missed sweet lady, I have closure because I know your sister came and took you by the hand and showed you the way home.

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