It’s a Farm Girl Thing

I spent most of my day yesterday and into the evening in Bonanza, Oregon at their annual extravaganza rib cook off, car show, talent show and Hobby Festival.  I took my wears to the hobby show, I make “Designer Farm Bags” out of plastic feed bags and duck tape, yes duck tape, hmm yes really duck tape. The tape and the plastic feed bags make a pretty durable bag that can be used for anything you want, groceries, going to the beach etc.  I had one little girl buy the only horse one I had, her and her horse were going to compete at the fair, she was using her new bag to carry her horse’s grooming supplies. How great is that a horse feed sack up cycled to a bag carrying grooming supplies for a horse that’s loved by a little girl, not to mention the bag didn’t end up in a land fill either. I also make primitive signs, hand stenciled on old wood, sometime I use hardwood flooring giving the signs a more primitive look.

The best part of the day was the people I met some were from out of town others lived there or at least not to far away.  Generally I met some really good people, friendly down to earth just out enjoying the day filled with lots to see and do.  I was invited to attend two more craft festivals this year which could be promising.  There were good conversations pretty much about everything under the sun, especially about duck tape and plastic feed bags and those Designer Farm Bags.  Overall, I met a few people that live not to far from me that I hadn’t met before, and that was enjoyable. It was a good day, warm  and sunny in a beautiful mountain setting with large trees to keep the sun at bay at least for a little while, couldn’t ask for much more that that. So I say thank you Bonanza, Oregon for your wonderful community hospitality, you just might see me again next year.

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