Farm Tales

Old Cow Pony

In his day he moved cows from here to there, traveled many a mile with his rider riding fences, checking water holes.  Never complaining of his chore going to where he was told high or low he traveled the miles always reaching his destination .  Again to return another day moving along at a steady pace for his rider through the vast open country with nothing around expect sage brush, desert winds , cattle and an occasional band of wild horses.

A true friend he is, up early and staying up late always looking after his rider, placing each hoof to safety return them both from a long and dusty day.  His days of riding are through, he grazes daily in his older years, put out to pasture they would say. He moves slower, older in appearance in his 29th year.

He has days of grazing and enjoying a slow life are his.  He can look out to the mountains not far away and still remember many a mile he traveled with a friend that now takes care of him.

A well-deserved end of life for a dear old friend,” Buzz” the cow pony.


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