The Magic in this old barn

Every barn has a story to tell, some have been around for many years If only, we could hear their tales. There are barns that are falling down, to be repurposed into something other than a barn. New ones are being built, and old ones are being made into houses, which turn out to be some fantastic places, looking better as a house then a barn. I love barns especially old ones, the one we have is an old diary barn with a lot of charm, it hasn’t be taken care of for several years, so we’re trying to change that.

The magic I see in the “Big Red Barn” is through the light that shines in through the big open doors front and back, the light that shines through the sky light panel. It gives some beautiful images in the barn through out the day depending on where the sun is, like the feature photo early morning ray across an old stall gate.

I like to sit in the barn it has a nice feeling and I’ve been looking for a bench to go inside searching for the perfect one to go in the spot I had picked out.  I looked for sometime then I answered  an ad for a church pew 8 foot long, just the right size for my special place.  The best part the old pew has history too, it seems a mortuary closed down this April in a near by town and everything was sold including the pews.  Lucky for me, the pew got a new home and the barn likes having a place for visitors to sit.

One of my other goals for the old barn was to have a place to bring the horses into during the winter months so I can groom them or when the shoer comes  I can get everybody out of the weather. We’ve been working on that I have the mats down and a little more work to go should be finished by winter. The barn I thought needed that horse smell, it just looked like a horse should be in the barn somewhere. Well I haven’t gotten one of my horses in there yet but my husband has “his” horse in there. Meet “Big Red” he thinks because I named his “horse” Big Red it’s ok If he’s there.

Well yes it has horse power, but no it’s not what I had in mind.  Maybe I can share part of the barn for “Big Red” who I named after one of the greatest race horses there will ever be, Secretariat.

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