Sunrise on the Farm

The Sunrise this morning, was a mixture of  sunny pink hues of smoke and fog, which to the naked eye was a splendid show.  A natural disaster “fire” and natures gift of moisture ” fog” combined created a beautiful display to start the morning.  We complain about a lot of things in life, lately It’s been about the smoke from the fires near by which were created by nature “lighting”. These fires to the east of us are not a threat to homes, they are contained and being “mopped up” as they call it, smoldering  in an area of thick vegetation.

I try to find the good in things first before finding the negative.  I find not all can do that, and negativity seems to be the soul of everyday life these days.  Is there good things in all nature gives us? probably not or maybe we just don’t see them.  On the farm nature teaches you  to deal with what it gives you, you can’t change it, so you just make the best of it.

So Good Morning from the sunny smoky farm, wishing you a blessed day.

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