An act of Kindness

The act of kindness, when it presents it’s self as random the meaning becomes more than kindness. I must admit I’ve been “nagging” my husband for awhile to get rid of his old commuter truck that has just been sitting pretty much since we moved here. The little pickup had many a mile from him driving 80 miles a day to work and back, maybe it was a memory for him that he wanted to keep, If it was he never said.  To me I looked at it each day as waste to just let it sit, it needed some minor work but still usable.  Finally  he agreed to let me advertise it, well what do we ask for it, I said give it away If someone can use it he said how about $200.00.  When I went to advertise it, I noticed there were others similar make, and model but they were asking more. The advertisement posted and the phone starting ringing.

The first caller was a young hispanic man, which my husband had a hard time understanding, but made it through the first conversation with him coming by later in the afternoon.  The calls kept coming so I asked do you want me to take the post down, Yep the first caller will take it he answered.  We had three other names and numbers waiting.  The young man called two other times, asking more questions and was concerned the truck wouldn’t be there when he got off work, my husband gave the assurance he was first in line. That truck hadn’t been moved since last winter, so we jumped it and It started! that was a blessing! Husband got it all ready with gas, and fluids for the young man.

The young man came and took it for a drive, over to a field he had been plowing up for our neighbor to test out the four wheel drive. When he returned he decided he’d take it, so we signed the paperwork the young man handed my husband the $200.00 dollars,  husband shook his head no,” you keep it the truck is yours”. They went back and worth for a awhile, finally my husband told him, I’ve been where you are in my life, young man, young family I know how it is, some day I may need your help doing something, and the young man replied, I’ll be here. They shook hands and away he went his truck and him.

So spouses don’t always tell us everything, you see the young man was looking for something he could fix up for his wife to drive because she had wrecked her car, I learned this later.  I’m very proud of my husband for his random act of kindness, especially finding the way he could help someone in a situation that he understood. I heard my husbands voice crack and clearing of his throat with emotion when he was talking to the young man, he reminded me of his Dad so much it caught my heart. He also was a kind man. I know now why he was so sure the young man would take it, because as soon as he heard his story he meant to gift to him.


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