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A little girl in dog clothing

All dogs are created equal in our lives, but you get that one or two that just capture your heart and soul.   Teeny is just that , she is a pint size little girl with a big dog attitude which means she can run with the big dogs and does. Half Miniature Pinscher , half Toy Fox Terrier gives her  a tenacious attitude, loves all humans hatred for  all rodents.  Teeny came into our life via our son that raised her as a pup, so we saw her regularly , circumstances changed and she needed a new home. At the time I was living in Tulelake, for four days of the week and traveling back to Alturas for three days until we got the house sold,  well for me being away from home, and especially from the animals wasn’t fun. I lived on the refuge which was a great opportunity to see all the wildlife in the evenings, however it got lonely after awhile, before Teeny.

Teeny became my travel partner, my room mate and my best friend, she went to work with me every day. Having her with me made me walk several times a day, even in the winter which was good for both of us, she also has a keen sense of whats going on around her so she spotted wildlife before I did, like the family of otters. On Wednesday nights we would go down to the local hamburger place and get a burger and fries to share, Thursdays we traveled home. We created a pretty strong bond spending so much time together.

She’s getting older, arthritis is creeping up on her with daily medication, that doesn’t slow her down much, but some days she does over do it.  Life on the farm for her, is overseeing morning chores, checking for rodents and hob knobing  with the other dogs, sleeping most of the day in the house on the furniture of course. Overseeing evening chores , when I’m home she’s outside with me doing what ever I’m doing, over seeing every project and riding in the UTV in the middle seat!

My little girl in dog clothing heart and soul.


2 thoughts on “A little girl in dog clothing”

  1. I enjoy your honest style of writing, telling it just as you see it. And of course, your love for all creatures shines through.


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