Driving with Miss Clementine

As I was driving home from work the other day, I had a little surprise appear out of the corner of my eye. I saw something appear below the visor on the passenger side.  When I turned my head to get a better look, to my astonishment I had a passenger. A cat spider had showed her self, and inched her single web down just enough, to either see where she was going or she was just letting me know she was there. I informed her, she had to stay on her side or I was going to pull over and kick her out along the road somewhere, I would get her out of there when I got home and she did very politely draw her web back up to the visor and waited. So I caught her in a jar, and released her in the wood shed which I believe is where she came from, I had taken a small ladder out of there to use at work,  she was probably on it and I didn’t notice.

I realize not everyone likes spiders, I can’t say they are my favorite but I have respect for all God’s creatures that includes spiders. Cat spiders you either love them or hate them they are excellent for your gardens because they get all those nasty predators that get your plants.  Miss Clementine I called her had beautiful fall colors and a pretty cat like face she was just about the size of a quarter maybe a little larger. The interesting thing about them is” The Charlotte Web” effect, everyone knows the children’s book,  so cat spiders in the fall build their nests (egg sack) which winters over, the mother spider dies after she lays her eggs, and life begins again in the spring when the young hatch to start their life protecting our gardens.

So here’s the rest of the story, I figured Miss Clementine had to be in my car about four days before she made her appearance.  The day before I had a co worker in that seat, and when she got in she said you have a substantial spider web over here, I looked and to me it was just a web, she made a comment she had one in her door in her truck, and off we went.  I shudder to think what would have happened if Miss Clementine would have made her appearance at that time, for the co worker does not like spiders, I would have had to pull over and let them both out which when I play it over and over in my head I’m not sure who would of wanted out quicker the co worker or the spider. Farm girl humor here, makes me chuckle and I hope my co worker doesn’t take an offense to it, because we all need to think out side our box  sometimes and embrace our fears, you see I too at one time was afraid of spiders until I realized they have a purpose on earth I just had to understand it.

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