DIY Bird Feeder

This is such an easy quick craft to make with your kids/grandkids or a gift for someone, add a bird book and some bird seed to make it special. When my father in law had to be placed into an assistant living home he didn’t like it very much. Living on a ranch his whole life then being in side all day really upset him, until he discovered the bird feeder at the window in the common room.  There he could see all the birds that came to the feeder everyday, that he enjoyed something for him to look forward to.

Fall is the time we start filling our bird feeders again here on the farm, birds are migrating through to their wintering grounds, we catch sightings of a variety of birds. Of course we have the locals that don’t migrate, we love to watch the quail come to the feeding area.


So here’s the instructions :

What you will need:

  • Plastic bottle, any size  (make sure they attach to the feeding tray) I discovered some are different sizes.
  • Bird Feeding tray/comes with handle (screws on to the plastic bottle) these can be purchased on line, you can get a three pack from Amazon.
  • Decorative Duck tape
  • Scissors
  • Something to punch holes in the plastic bottle

Rinse out your plastic bottle, let dry. Once your bottle is dry, you can add your decorative duck tape. I found it to be easier If I measured and cut the strips, then trying to fight the whole roll of tape. Make sure you over lap your tape some to keep moisture from getting between the bottle and the tape. Once you get your tape on you can twist your empty plastic bottle onto the feeding tray until snug. Punch two small holes about 1/2 to 1 inch from the bottom of the bottle and insert hanger tabs in both holes (youngsters will need help with this part). To fill with seed turn your feeder over and remove the plug from the bottom of the feeding tray by twisting. It’s best to use a funnel to fill the bottle with seed. Replace plug and twist to lock in place. DYI Funnel: take a plastic bottle and cut  about 3 to 4 inches from the top around the bottle to create a funnel for your bird seed, I keep mine with the seed so I don’t have to go looking for one. That’s it you have a DYI bird feeder and funnel, If you want to give them as gifts and you want to fill them with seed first, just fill you bottle with the top facing up (with out the feeding tray attached) place a piece of thin packing tape over the bottle top and replace with the bird feeding tray.

There is some great decorative duck tape patterns out there, you can get really creative with these. Make them in different sizes and shaped plastic bottles to create an adventure for the birds.

Happy Fall, hope you enjoy the DIY bird feeder and funnel craft.

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