Farm Tales

Old Dogs

One of my favorite country songs is Old dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine by Tom T. Hall, this song has some really good lyrics , “old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes”.  How true that is dogs don’t judge us no matter what. Sidney is our oldest dog, she belong’s to our youngest son, he rescued her when he was 15 and she was 4 months. Sidney lives with us on the farm along with the other dogs, she has a pretty easy life but something or someone is missing and she knows it.  Oh she follows me around outside and I feed her and she goes for walks with me, and I take her to the vet to make sure she’s updated on everything but her one true love is not me.

She remembers the day a young man opened the door to her wire cage where she was being housed waiting for her forever home, she remembers how he got down on one knee and talked to her in soft words so she would trust him enough to come out. She remembers how he picked her up and carried her to the truck because she was too frightened of the leash.  She remembers the countless hours he’d spend with her teaching her to be a confident dog that walked on a leash, rode in the truck and came when you called.

She remembers when he left for college, she remembers when he came home and left again to work as a Fire Fighter every summer and yet each time he comes back she greets him as he never left. The bond between the two is pretty incredible, when my son is home she only has eyes for him.  She’s getting older and she can’t do the things she’d like, keeping up with the younger dogs when they run and play, but something she loves to do is ride in the UTV, she has discovered riding is easier on her then following.

Life for her is just about making her comfortable for the rest of her life, she has been a great companion for a young boy, and continues to be for a grown man. A forever home, for when you rescue a dog or any animal for that matter it’s not just them that gets  rescued.

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