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Just Farm Girl It “New” Designer Farm Bags

Just completed “new design” bags added to our collection by Just farm girl It:

This is a unique bag, “zipper” across the top, bag is made from poly feed sack. Durable bag with a solid bottom making it ultra strong, no sew, waterproof, fold able easy to clean with a wet wipe. Bag is hand made, unique with pocket inside.  Add a couple of cold packs and this bag is great for picnics, lunches, and taking cold items to a party, or keeping your cold grocery items cool. Nice tall bag at 15 inches with a wider bottom and narrows at the top.  Great gift for a dog enthusiast.

This bag is made of solid plastic thick sheeting (non weaved) . One of our most durable bags, solid bottom giving it extra strength, no sew, waterproof, fold able easy to clean with a wet wipe or hose it out and hang to dry. Bag is handmade with pocket inside giving it a classy touch, black and white picture of a country road with a single tree .  Looks like farm country for the farm girl in you.

These are an up cycled product, cleaned before put into production.  The poly weaved bags can retain some grain residue between the weaves of the bags after washing.

These bags make great gift bags, excellent all purpose bags.

$10.00 per bag + ship.

Thanks for looking Check back more “new” designs coming.

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