Be thankful everyday and give thanks for everything

Thanksgiving has come and gone for another year, yet why should we not be thankful everyday and give thanks daily for everything?. I’d like to think there are more of us that think this way, is it selfish of me to think this? Maybe, but that’s not going to change my beliefs nor will I be able to change others. I know we are all super busy in our lives, time seems to go whizzing by the older we get so we just don’t take the time to think of all the things we could or should be thankful for.  I believe even the little things matter, what’s a little thing? depending on what you believe, most of us are thankful for our friends and family how about being thankful your vehicle started one cold and frosty morning not that I would wish that on anyone, but isn’t that a little thing compared others.

We are thankful for our health and our loved ones health, how about being thankful for the person who delivers your mail or your newspaper, or the neighbor that shared his garden with you or how about being thankful for the grocery clerk that packs your groceries just the way you like it.  I think of all these little things that are done for us by people we don’t know very well, like the older gentleman that held the door for you, well of course we say thank you to them but I’m thankful for them, because sometimes it’s the little things in life that turn into the big ones.

As we enter into the Holiday Season, we should think of others more than our selves and consider how thankful we are for everyday we are given to see our friends and family and share our lives with others. Giving thanks everyday for something, doesn’t matter what it is just something to lighten your day try it you might  surprise yourself just how many things you are really thankful for.

Happy Holidays everyone, today I’m thankful I have all of you to be thankful for.

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