Farm Tales

This Rooster wears fur

Ranger is the rooster in the hen house, except he wears fur , has a short fluffy tail, stand up ears, yes you guessed it he’s a rabbit.  We have 8 hens and no rooster, so Ranger has decided it’s his job to be the boss of the chicken pen. Nothing gets past him, his favorite spot is to sit up on top of the rabbit hutches so he can see what’s going on at all times.

He also likes to keep those hens in line, he sits and waits for all those chickens to get in their little group scratching and pecking at the ground then he decides to run through them and scatter the flock and scare the hens so they run and squawk like there’s a skunk in the chicken yard. Sometimes when he feels really in charge he sits in the door way of the chicken house and won’t let the hen’s in or out.

Ranger really is a good rabbit, well he’s just in charge and he want’s everyone to know it especially those hens, he tries to boss our other rabbit but she isn’t going for it.  We got Ranger from the feed store when he was a little guy, he’s still not a very big rabbit but he’ll eat out of your hand and he’s gentle  but sometimes he doesn’t want to get locked up in his hutch for the night he’ll lead us on a chase around the chicken yard which he enjoys he thinks it’s all fun and games.

Poka Dot our other rabbit is the sweetest rabbit , we adopted her from the local Humane Society.  She had been there a long time, she’s all black with just a dot of white on her nose. They couldn’t get her adopted because she was blind in one eye, and black nothing fancy.  I asked to see the rabbit that had been there the longest, and that’s the one I adopted.  She loves to run and play when she is let out in the chicken yard, she will come to you for goodies and will follow you till she gets some.  She has a forever home so life is good for her.

We raised rabbits for many years, but having these rabbits is different they live a life of not being in a wire cage all the time, they can dig and run and be free in the large area.  I like to watch how they are just being rabbits, they have dug a hole in the ground so they go down there in the summer to keep cool.  I got these rabbits to give the grand daughter something small to take care of when she comes, sometimes I think I got them more for me.  I put a bench in the chicken yard and I like to sit and watch them in their natural state being free.  They do each have a hutch with an upstairs “loft” and the down stairs has a outdoor area, they are locked up at night to keep them safe from predators.

Most animals like being in their natural “state” this includes domestic ones, so all our rabbits will have that opportunity , If for nothing else it gives me great pleasure to watch them be free and just be a rabbit.

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