Family Gatherings, Traditions, making Memories

This a farm post no doubt, everyone’s shoes, boots and everything else at the door ready to go outside for another cold crisp morning. The farm was blessed this year with our three sons, along with grand kids and grand dogs for the Christmas Festivities. It’s been a while that we all could get together, seems it gets harder and harder to match everyone’s schedules, but when we do we make up for all the time we spend away from each other. Activities for the grandkids was a highlight for them, coming to the farm gives them a chance to partake in a few events that they don’t normally do.  Feeding animals every morning and evening soon became “chores”for some, and others wanted to do more. Evening chores included bringing in the wood, so a fire could be started to keep the house cozy warm from the cold nights, stoking the fire with adult supervision seemed to have interest.  Day activities included, riding in the sled and being pulled by the UTV, the grand boys enjoyed hot roding in the UTV with the uncles, but the granddaughter would rather feed horses! (That’s my horse girl).  Roasting marsh mellows after a snow fight with all the brothers to warm everyone up after they declared they were wet in places they hadn’t know snow could get to! We even squeezed in making ginger bread man cookies and decorating for Santa. (that could be come a tradition) The whole family pizza party at the local pizza pub, video games, pool, and beer, except next time they can order their own because they didn’t like the kind I thought I was ordering! Late night card and board games became an highlight for the adults, while the grandkids watched movies, played and certainly fell asleep after playing hard on the farm.

With all we had going on, we still have traditions that doesn’t change for us, even when family doesn’t come it’s something we’ve been doing many years and will continue as long as we are able. My husbands grandmother was Scandinavian, we celebrate Christmas Eve with a traditional seafood dinner that has been carried on for many generations. As our family has grown, not everyone enjoys seafood so we’ve added a few other goodies for everyone to enjoy.  The one recipe that has been passed on to me buy Grandma Randrup along with her pan to bake it in is, Carrot Ring. This is a dish that her family made, and now we make it once a year at Christmas Eve, with shrimp, oven baked oysters, shrimp salad, oven baked rolls, veggie and cold cut tray and of course desert, cheese cake. The ingredients  is pretty simple as is the recipe, and to describe the taste would be hard other than to say I’ve enjoyed it for over 35 plus years.

Making memories is priceless, I’d have to say as I get older I find it becomes more important to me to spend time with family and do the things you really want to do in life. I enjoy spending time with my grandkids, watching how quick they grow up, remembering when my kids where that young and how fast they grew to be parents of their own. We seem to think we have so much time to do this and that and pretty soon that time is neither this or that, it just not. What I enjoy the most with them is watching my grandsons rodeo, and playing foot ball. I love to watch my granddaughter get excited about feeding the horses their grain, cleaning the horse sheds out or scooping poop as we call it on the farm.  I enjoy that because that is part of their heritage, of who they are.  Yes they have other things in life to do that doesn’t pertain to their heritage, but it gives them a map to always circle back to where their roots are.

I share this family recipe with you, it’s a tradition we make memories with,

Carrot Ring

2 cups finely grated carrots , 1 cup saltine cracker crumbs, 1 Tablespoon flour, 4 eggs beaten seperately

1 cup cream beaten stiff, salt to taste:

Mix flour with cracker crumbs add to carrots with beaten egg yolks.  Add whipped cream, Add beaten egg whites last. Pour into greased ring pan/mold (metal one used for generations). Set ring mold in pan of hot water for baking.

Bake at 350 degree oven for 35-40 minutes. Invert pan on plate for serving.

White Sauce for Carrot Ring:

3 TBSP Butter, 3 TBSP Flour, 1 1/2 cup milk, salt to taste, cook over stove until thick.

Add salad shrimp, about two cups to sauce, pour over inverted carrot ring .


Enjoy, and make those traditions even If it’s popcorn and movies night.





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