Everyday gets a little lighter on the Farm

Which means I ‘m ready for day light savings to change, going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark isn’t something I really enjoy.  I don’t get to see the farm in daylight, can’t see the horses, just feel like I’m away for 4 or 5 days at a time depending on my schedule.  When the weekend comes around, it’s all good and it’s like I’m back where I belong again. Then it starts all over again come Monday morning.

Except for yesterday and today, I was met with frosty mornings, cool temperatures, icy water buckets and cloudy skies, along with snow in the forecast.  I really didn’t let any of that bother me I was just glad to be home on the farm, enjoying the sites in the daylight doing farm things  like feeding the animals.

Somehow I just enjoy cleaning out the horse’s run-ins, refilling them with shavings,  and just love their company to the alternative of going to work, well yes it is work here on the farm but I don’t see it as that, housework that’s work I don’t like doing it, like my house clean but hate doing it.  Being out side, doesn’t matter the wheather it’s were I want to be.

I like the feeling when the horses are so happy, they let me know by their calls , nickering when they see me coming or how excited they were today when they all got new selenium blocks and salt on a rope to hang in their sheds.  Ever see a 29 years old horse get so excited he jumps up down when he sees his grain bucket coming and knows there’s cut up carrots and apples because mom’s coming, that a priceles site and a heart renching feeling,  makes you smile no matter what else is going on in your life.

Being home on the farm means, I get to gather the chicken eggs and watch those silly hens do crazy stuff like trying to catch something blowing in the wind because to them it might be edible , I can hand feed the rabbits their papaya tablet on saturday mornings, the barn cats can get their ears scratched,  the four dogs can supervisor the morning and evening chores and take me on a guided trip to the end of the property and back to make sure everything is up to their standards.

Everyone has their favorite things in life, for me it’s just being with the animals, everyday, anyday.   I never tire of it, I can hardly wait for it to get light enough on the weekend mornings so I can go outside and do chores and just be with the animals.  Everyday is a new adventure on the farm and for me the farm is my adventure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So hurry and come day light savings, so I  can spend longer days into the early evening with some of the things I love most in my life here on the farm, the animals.


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