This old girl is finaly getting a face lift

Everygirl in her life at one point, thinks she has wrinkles, extra pounds, bad hair and just about everything about her just doen’t set right sometimes in her life. When you get that chance to make a change in your apperance you often wonder If this is the right choice, hair color change, cut my hair short, leave it long or do a whole new you! Well I’ll say this old girl is going through some big changes, and it starting right now.

Often we overlook our selves by doing so much for others, honestly most won’t care what you look like so sometimes you just don’t care either. Apperances to some are about everything, apperances to some are nothing, Who cares right?, Well maybe for some they don’t care and we all know this kind, they pretty much only care for themselves.

You ever hear someone say how much better they feel when they change their apperance, well this old girl is starting to feel just that, this face lift will launch a new her with only more changes to come a total make over before long, this may take some time because of the costs, but it’s a start and you’ve got to start somewhere to get anywhere.

How exciting it will be to have a new look, after looking haggard and worn down for years, like being used up and no one caring , just waiting for someone to take notice and care about you again.

Well this old girl is on the road to a new life ahead with someone caring, this face lift will be the start to a boom of excitment for her and she will once again have a little shine from her lift, and maybe one day she again be what she once was in her hay day.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not talking about me getting a face lift, although I probalby could use it but it’s not for me, but it’s certainly for the old girl.

“The old girl” is our beloved historic dairy barn, she’d getting a face lift this week with a new roof! She already is feeling better with all that old rusty metal removed, and breathing a little till the new metal roofing goes up and she will shine so big when the sun hits her roof it will look like she is smiling.

As you can tell I’m very excited for her, she is well deserved a makeover, she has been a loyal grand girl for many years to those that used her for many tasks, including miking cows.  Years have taken there toll on her, she has been overlooked, as well some repairs have not been so timely or fattering to her.

The sweetheart she is from her old lap siding, with her tall rafters, so many memories we will never know, for she keeps them tucked away in her beautiful beams of wood that was built many years go. I stand and look up to the rafters where the little birds like to nest, and she greets them each spring as they return to raise their young in her beautiful presence.

“The old girl” is cherished for her beauty,  for her ability to give us hope of the memories, because we know they are there, her make over starting with her roof will bring back her shine giving her once again the feeling she has a purpose and is cared for.

The home page picture of her will be replaced as each step in her make over is achieved, be sure to check on her status, celebrating her victories along the way.



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