Farm Life the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Farm Living moves by the seasons, in spring it’s hurry, rush, rush, hurry to get ready for the crop season.  Lately that’s were we’ve been, exception no irrigation water, which is an ugly.  Winter didn’t produce enough water to go around this year, which means delayed water deliveries, which means even though you pay for your full water allocations, you may not get all the water you paid for.  We are hoping water deliveries will start after the first of June, which is over a month delay, mother nature has been providing us with some pretty good storms to keep the grass growing which is a blessing.

The pigs arrived on the farm late April, it was a cold and rainy day, so they snuggled down in their warm house unil the the sun came out and warmed them up.  We raise pigs each year, as we have for many years, other livestock as well.  It’s a way of living for us, as we care about what we eat and where it comes from and what it is fed.  Living on a farm gives us this opportunity, this a good.

There are times, when something happens on the Farm when you have no control over it, and that’s a bad.  We lost out beloved rescue  bunny “Poka Dot”, I knew when I adopted her she was older, but one day their there and the next not, kinda gives you that sab in the heart.  She enjoyed her freedom from being locked in a cage everyday, I like to think she was happy for the time we had her.  Our Ranger rabbit is very sad he can’t find her, and lays by her hutch as if she’ll come out some day.  So I will go to the Humane Society next week and adopt the bunny that’s been there the longest, to come and live their life out on the Farm just being a bunny.

Projects are always going on here, the Big Red Barn we call it has almost a complete new roof, when the weather calms down they can finish up and she will shine for all to see when the sun hits it! Sunglassess needed. The “guys” (husband and son) finished the horseshoe pit, which turned out really great, enjoyable in the evenings to throw some shoes. I enjoy roasting marshmellows, so the Farm fire pit is a great after dark enjoyment as well, the “Farm Pit” is an old iron cattle feeder on legs, with acts as a scrap wood burning pit as well. Working on an inside remodel which will probably take most of the summer to finish, that’s ok because when I get it completed it will be worth it, My own sewing/craft room! everything in one spot I’m very excited.  The “guys” have the flooring, and walls completed and I’m working on the painting, which I love to do but I have to go to work sometimes too.  Pictures will be provided of the makeover.

I believe I’ve caught you up on most of the happenings here, family and friends if your in the neighborhood or need a break from your neck of the woods, come visit, play some horseshoes with us or sit by the “Farm Fire Pit” and enjoy warmth on a cool evening by roasting a marshmellow or two.

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