Farm Tales

Farm Felines, Responsibilities on the Farm

Cats in general have a notorious nature of being nothing but bird killers, yes they will kill birds any size shape and kind to endure the feral life that many have. Ahh, but farm cats or let’s say some farm cats have a much bigger position on the farm, Chief of Rodent Control. Myth # 1, Don’t feed your cats or feed them very little and they will hunt. Myth # 2, Don’t spay or neuter your cats or they’ll get lazy and won’t hunt.  I can argue both theses myths from the farm’s experiences, our farm feline’s are fed twice daily, they are given their annual vaccations and they are spayed and neutered. Our cat’s are healthy, friendly, and love their jobs because they belong to a family.  They don’t have to travel for food to eat so they stay on the farm, their not scared to be around humans so their taking care of rodents at their home, they’re spayed/neutered which keeps them home. They choose rodents over birds, easier prey for them being more abundant.

Little “Amiss”, was suppose to be a male named Amos then discovered as a female, rescued from a feral mother cat living on her own, she let humans touch her kitties but not her.  When she weaned them, she left never to return leaving her litter for the humans to deside their fate. “Amiss has been with us ever since, unfortuantely she has a handy cap for hunting her color stands out so she can’t sneak up on them to much, except when you roll in the dirt, or it’s winter time.

Nickadeums, all black with brillant green eyes that glow in the dark (which is all you can see at night).    He is the master rodent catcher, most every morning he has made it his job to catch a rodent and bring it to show us what a great job he’s doing. He was rescued from the animal shelter as a wee little kitten with lots of spunk. Unfortunaly he was not very adoptable because of his color, unlucky and spooky they say their loss our gain he is a great cat, on occasion he will vist us in the house and snooze for an hour or two and off he goes on his next adventure.

OC ” Orange Cat” is our oldest at 14 years, she has decided her hunting days outside is over, she is now chief in charge of keeping all insects at bay in the house, and opening the kitchen cupboard door when an occasional mouse gets in a trap. Punkin color and shaped like one, she sleep most of the day either in the sun outside on the deck or somewhere else she chooses. She was given to us by a friend a rescue of course, the best kind. When she was younger she would sleep in the weirdest places, she’s to old to jump up very high so a low seat works best.

Many years ago she would sleep in the boy’s bathroom sink, the only one she’d slept in, she liked buckets too, good curl up spots.

Our farm cats are well loved, each with their own personality and job we wouldn’t have it any other way on the farm, our fourth cat “Doc Holiday” has his own earlier post please visit “Farm Tales” I’m your HuckeBerry” If you haven’t already.


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