Farm Market

New sacks, New designs for Just Farm Girl It Designer Farm Bags

A Big thank you to the Lost River FFA kids for saving their FFA project animal feed sacks for us. We have some great new bags we are busy making Just Farm Girl It Designer Farm Bags.

These bags are made from feed sacks and decorative duck tape, no sew. Durable bags with a solid bottom making them ultra-strong, waterproof, fold-able, easy to clean.

Each bag is handmade in the USA, most bags have a unique inside pocket, and no two are alike. These are an up cycled product, cleaned before put into production.

$14.00 per bag plus $3.00 shipping for each bag, discounted prices if you purchase five or more bags. They make great gifts and excellent all-purpose bags.

We also take custom orders for Designer Farm Bags, from the sack up we call it, you pick the feed sack, we’ll make the bag just for you, we have a variety of sacks available to choose from:

Rabbit, Cow, Chicken, Horse, Pig, Goat, Multi Animals, Birds, Cat, Dog, Farm Scenes, Lamb etc.

Contact us about the type of sacks we have and we’ll send you a picture of the bags we have available that you are interested in and you choose the sack easy as that.  We always have bags already made up for purchase.

Payments through PayPal, invoice will be sent to your provided email, once we receive payment your bag(s) will be shipped. If you have additional questions about the bags please feel free to contact us we would love to hear from you.

Contact us through the website:


Follow us on Instagram #justfarmgirlit



Thanks for looking, Happy Summer from the Farm

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