Little Girls and their love for horses:

First I’ll clarify that not just little girls love horses, big girls do too.  I’m a proven fact of that, when I was little horse’s hung the moon in my world still do, but when you’re a little girl you have big dreams about something, being a princess, or finding thee prince charming and running off with him to live happily ever after, I mean when you’re really young like 5 or 6 at least under ten you think of things like that,not me horses, horses, horses. I still have that profound love for horses, all of them big and small I can watch them for hours grazing in a pasture, I can actual say and I’m truly grateful for it, I have photographed wild horses in  Nevada and Ca many times. Watching them in their natural herds and how they react to each other was one of those moments  looking back it was a surreal experience in my life.  A stud horse blew through his nose at me once, giving me a shiver up my spine from the sound it made, happened just once but not to be forgotten. A band of wild horses where grazing lazily with no worries, as I was photographing them they watched from afar and I them through the lens of my camera, the yellow stud would graze and then lift his head as to keep an eye on me, He really cared less about me until my dear husband came up behind me and said PSSSST, I believe as loud as he could, the yellow stub threw his head up headed straight for us at a dead run, not easy running with a tripod but it all worked out we made it back to the pickup in one piece.  It happened that the yellow stud stopped short of getting close to us, I ask my husband what were you thinking being so loud, he stated he didn’t want to scare me!

So to continue on with this deep love for loves pretty much anything equine, this is a picture of my very first pony, can’t remember what I called him, but he was special like no other.  The boy scout troop my Mom was the leader for made him for me out of a cardboard box, I’m sure Mom made his head because I do remember he had embroidered eyes.  I rode that pony everywhere I could, until finally I just wore him out, he was a good first pony very loyal, only let me ride him no one else (because the hole cut in the box just fit me!).

So it continues; Greeley my youngest granddaughter had her first birthday last month, so of course we had to make sure she got a pony for her birthday not a real one of course yet, but one she could grow into and ride around like I did when I was little. So we bought her this barnyard hopper they call them, one that looks like a horse but a little silly too, except it had to be a real horse color.  She got her first pair of cowgirl boots, a cute little dress with a horse on it, and her cowgirl hat.

We’ll she’s one , so it didn’t go as planned, I had hoped for a picture in her new outfit sitting on that horse we got her, except she didn’t want anything to do with that horse, actually it seems she was a little afraid of it.  So we just let her get used to it some, then she would touch it once in a while, but would scream If someone tried to get her to ride it.  So we set it where she could crawl to it and see it, oh she would touch it on her own terms, but then the breakthrough was when everyone was busy talking and not really paying attention to her, she reached over and placed both hands on either side of it’s head and gentle gave that pony a little kiss on his nose, thinking no one was watching. Greely loves horses already; she has a pony at home she likes to ride and learning how to wear those boots!  Someday she’ll jump on her hopper pony and ride until she wears her pony out just like I did.

I’m sure both my grand girls will be horse girls for life, as long as I can get away with all the horse clothes I buy for them, including riding horses at Nana’s and Papa’s the girls will at least have a foundation started of “Horse Love”.  If nothing else just to torment their Dad’s 😉  hehe.



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