Farm Tales

The adventures of Sassafras

Sassy as we call her, can and is definitely Sassy most of the time, she is also the sweetest dog you will meet kind and gentle especially with kids except she has a slight flaw she is very willful, mind of her own.

Sassy came to us when she was 4mos old, from the local Animal Shelter.  Her mother and father and two other pups were found abandoned in a wooded area far from any humans, left to survive on what they could find.  When they were discovered  by accident the animal shelter rescued them from starvation, a life no dog should suffer.

The dogs and pups were so emaciated they were quarantined for weeks receiving special food, medical attention, and most of all socialization.  It’s believed the dogs were out there for some time, possibly even before the pups were born.

Sassy is a “Maremma” guardian dog, pronounced “Mare” “Emma” the breed originates from Central Italy.

Both parents were large dogs; they and one pup went to a rescue in Oregon, Sassy and one other pup were adopted. I’ve always thought she was mixed with something, Border Collie or Australian shepherd she’s built like a border, although she has the disposition of the Maremma .

Sassy did on occasion and still does have this one trait that was rather odd she would horde everything and anything she found, usually it was something you set down.  We could search for it knowing she took it, we would hardly ever find the things until they would appear again when she would one day just have them, actually we believe she’s a klepto, on accession she lets her obsession get the better of her. She has an old leather boot that our son gave her, the boot is sometimes seen in the oddest places then it’s gone for months at a time, and poof back again.

We wonder if being raised out in the woods that survival was to hide everything you found especially food which for her that means everything she can pilfer as well. The shelter told us she was food aggressive with her siblings; we haven’t had that issue here.  She is a garbage dog, not the get into the garbage kind of dog but she might if she could. Sassy will literally eat anything dead, a bird, mouse anything, nasty habit I’m sure she learned it as part of survival as well. Needless to say, the vet knows us well for deworming medication.

Even with her quirks she is a good guardian her specialty is birds, sounds a little odd? Well if you read about guardians most also guard the sky, funny to say that but the chickens are most great full that Sassy keeps the hawks away from their pen, “No Soaring Allowed” by the order of Sassy.  She will chase any flying (yes flying in the sky) any large birds away from the property crows and ravens are her worst enemies.  She also sees to it no species of large birds can land in the fields, geese, birds of prey, egrets and sometimes a heron or two, but what  she can’t see,  she can’t scare away.

One of her favorite most things to do is to climb up on the dirt pile with her two favorite farm friends, Teeny and Max and watch the world go by, literally every car, truck, and piece of farm equipment is under her watchful eyes.  The neighborhood is hers, it also gives her a much higher perch just incase a large bird would dare to fly over on her watch.

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