Farm Humor

For those of you that know my other half know him as a man of few words, which means he’s just not one to sit and jabber on about things, oh he has lots to say but usually he’s telling a story from when he was a kid on his family ranch or he’s reliving something he actually heard his Dad talk about years ago. He does like to share the memories from the old ranch, or when he spent many years as a horse wrangler.  Sometimes I hear tells I’ve never heard before, kept deep in his memories until something triggers them to surface, his dad was the same way so it doesn’t surprise me he’d be the same, he is his dad’s son.

Something recently has sparked his humor button, his dad could make you laugh instantly, but not so much my husband it’s just something he doesn’t do much joke telling or teasing. So I find it interesting the last few days he was full of himself;

Husband comes around the corner of the pump house with a broken shovel; the wood handle was broken apart from the metal shovel head, Him: “we need a new shovel for the winter, Me: “which winter”?, him: “This winter “, Me:  “How did you break it”? , him: “I hit Gus (my horse) over the head with it” me: “I doubt you got close enough to hit him over the head” him: Great big grin, (boy did that look like a naughty little kid grin) me: “ Why did you hit Gus over the head”? him: “He was hacking on me” me: “what was he doing” him: “He was giving me horse shit”.

Me: “A mosquito bite me through my sock, how is that possible”?, Him: “Must have had a long beak”

Me: “Going out to hang my pants on the line” Him: “Airing your dirty laundry”?  Me: “Actually I’m airing my clean laundry” Him: “Dirty, clean your still airing your laundry”.

He’s reading an article on the internet, he says it’s a crazy world out there” Me: “Why do you say that”? Him: “Some school district in California is demolishing their dress code; kids can wear whatever the hell they want” “They can wear anything they want as long as they cover up their Whoopi”.

Me: “Those crazy chicken’s” Him: “Yeah they do have a feather or two loose”.

I don’t know if the moon in his horoscope is rising or connecting with Saturn or Mars or maybe even Venus but somewhere along the way he found his Farm Humor.


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