The Season of Fall and Everything it brings

Seasons, everyone has their favorite many like the warmer ones and some the cooler.  As time changes the colors from greens to creamy yellow to burnt orange and on to brown, other transformations take place as well; the days are shorter and cooler. Sweatshirts, blue jeans and baseball caps along with cool fresh air,  walking through the leaves and kicking them up to watch them fall once more, these are my favorite things of the season.  The softer colors of the sunlight reflect on the trees creating shadows lingering until sun set, High school football memories from years back always come to life for me again in the Fall.

Harvest time here in the basin, starts in the summer with hay harvest, as the summer lengthens into fall the crops go from mint, to onions and garlic and so on, the whiffs of hay, mint, onions and garlic in the air, makes your senses take over to inhale the mighty scents of the crops being harvested.  Cool mornings carry the aromas through the fields floating into the air celebrating the gather.

Fall is a time for everything to prepare for the long winters sleep, resting to regain strength for new growth to come again in the spring. Winter will soon take on its task to provide the nourishment of moisture and idle sleep.  Spring will leap in with its warm sunny days allowing the birth of the new growth awakening from a long slumber.   Summer strikes with hot days and warm nights, lingering through the months waiting for Fall all over again.

When Potato harvest here is in full fashion trucks carry heaps of different sizes, colors, and shapes of these food favorites to be processed for sale or for storage. Living in potato country and near a potato shed it became interesting to see all what went into getting them into the sheds for storage and getting them back out again to process for shipping. When we first moved to this area, I was amazed at the amount of potatoes that were harvested along with the other farm crops, great place to see where our food comes from. Speaking out loud of my amazement of all that is grown here, I was told yeah during harvest time every corner has what you need for a good soup.

Yes of course pretty much you could get what you needed anywhere around harvest time, but what they really meant was on every corner you could literally pick up what you needed for a good soup. The spill over from the trucks as they turn the corners on the well traveled roads do indeed have, potatoes, onions, garlic for the taking no charge , bring your own bag!.

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