Flowers For Teeny

Just before Easter I had to make a very hard decision, to do what was best for my little girl in dog clothing, the loss I feel is indescribable. I think of her every day; the memories will always be there.

Some of the many things I loved about her:

Once a month we went on a girl’s outing to get her nails trimmed, then we’d share a beef stick, she loved to hang her head out the window and let the wind blow her ears.

When we told her how pretty her toes looked after being trimmed (hated her nails trimmed) She would bat her eyes at us.

Every day of her life with us she slept under a blanket, she would peek out from under it and look at me with true love it always warmed my heart.

She loved everyone she met, every dog and cat they were instantly her friends. She was the sweetest little girl.

Her best friend was my son’s dog, “Sydney” they would hang out together giving the rodents on the place a good scare.                                      

I loved how she greeted me when I came home from being gone without her, she was so excited she couldn’t wait to get outside and see me.

She had the prettiest stand up ears beautifully colored red edged with black and so soft to the touch.

 I miss the sound her nails made when she walked across the living room floor, click, click, click.

Not knowing It would be her last day with us she lay in the sunshine and watched as I worked outside, she visited with the other dogs as she always did, we took her for a ride in the UTV it was a typical day on the farm for her.

We buried her on the farm in one of her favorite places, the dogs and I go for a walk (which she loved to do) we pick dandelion flowers to place in the little vase that sets at her spot. We visit her every day, making sure she has flowers.

Our granddaughter Teagan drew this picture of me,Teeny and my husband it has its place on the refrigerator reminding us she’s always here.

As a friend said to me when I asked about his Mom, oh she has her dog their always together it’s her best friend, exactly! Best friend, confidante, and above all loyal no matter what.

Teeny has a piece of my heart that she took with her, that way we will always be together.

 If love could have saved you Little Girl, you would have lived forever.

 Always in my heart Teeny Girl




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