Over a year

Since I actually sat still long enough to enlighten you with the farm’s endeavors. Time gets away from me so easily has it really been over a year?  Yes, it really has.  We don’t sit still much here so I’m going to try and bring you up to date as much as possible.

We lost our beloved “OC” cat, and Pock a Dot the rabbit along with “Buzz” the cowpony this past year, my husband’s last horse. He still talks about those days riding in Nevada, Buzz’s name comes up along with Zac and Boomer his other two equine companions often.  I think as with any animal in your life some of them are just so engrained you’ll talk about them always.

I had grand expectations of travel in 2020, which got shot down because of covid restrictions. I made a small adventure to a friend’s house as we went on a horse buying trip for her! By association I’m sure. 😉 Horse friends seem to find an adventure or two no matter what’s going on in the world!

Actually, I spent a lot of time on the Farm this year more than normal since I’ve worked from home starting in March, tele working from home most of the week with a few hours spent at the Refuge.  It was kind of strange at first to not go into the office it took some time to get use to a new routine. After many years going to work every day of every week except for holidays and scheduled days off.  It wasn’t too long that it flipped flopped and now I’m like I have to get up and get ready to go to work ugh! I keep telling myself you better get use to it because this to will end.

For just awhile longer I can get up make coffee still be in my pajamas and start work, I like the variety of staring at 6am or sometimes earlier as long as it’s by 7am I’m good, this schedule gives me flexibility to start early and get off early.  It did take a while to get use to this routine I felt like I was missing something which was probably my office, my home office has worked just fine and the employees that need help with something always seem to find me. Another interesting thing I’ve discovered I can’t tell you the date or the day of the week, really don’t need them unless I have something I need completed on a certain date! I tell myself you really are preparing for Retirement!

We survived all the smoke here from the fire’s seemed like it would never go away, on the worst day’s you couldn’t see the mountains felt like you were engulfed in this thick smoke globe, some days you just couldn’t be outside for long. We did have one close enough to see the glow of the flames burning in the evening from 20 miles away to the south of us. Fire can be a beautiful thing but so devastating at the same time, nature has a way of being that way.

We survived our irrigation year; we were cut half of our allocations some didn’t get any so we felt blessed at least we got something.  We made it through with some rains in March it gave the grass a boost until we were able to irrigate in May.  Once the hay was in the barn the fields were so dry the grass crunched under your feet when you walked across it, then we got a reprieve the President directed BOR to give back all the water that was approved for the year.  We finished the season with full water, I swear I saw that grass jump for joy and turn greener than ever before!

Fall has come, the cows and their calves are grazing happily in the fields as we rented the pasture out this year. Twenty-nine degrees this morning fog sat on the pastures, steam drifted off the cows backs in the glow of the morning sun, such a beautiful sight from a window on the Farm.

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