Our farm is located just outside the city limits of a small southern Oregon town, we grow grass hay and pasture cattle late in the summer after the hay is harvested. This is a large agricultural area with a diversity of many crops, potatoes, mint, grains, alfalfa and a variety of grass hay  production.  We’ve lived here since 2013, enjoying the area and the people we meet.

My husband was raised on a cattle ranch in Nevada on the Smoke Creek Desert on a multi generation ranch established in the 1800’s. His family sold the ranch in the early 70’s, moving them to an alfalfa farm in Northern California. 

I was raised in the city, by two parents that were raised on farms, my dad being in the Navy settled in the town he was stationed at when he retired.  Along with my siblings we were taught how to fish (bait our own hooks), went camping, grew and harvested a large garden every year, canning and preserving everything.

Great memories are made by doing, we have three grown sons that we’re raised in a farm/ranch setting all their growing years, we believe it’s made them who they are today.  

Me I love horses and have most of my life, owned them most of my life too! actually I love all four legged creatures. I also love antiques, and taking something old and making it into something new, like up cycling. I also like to write in my spare time.

I work out side the home full time, where as my wonderful husband is retired and tends the farm, on weekends and other days I have off I enjoy being home on the farm, wish I could do it everyday!