Farm Humor

For those of you that know my other half know him as a man of few words, which means he’s just not one to sit and jabber on about things, oh he has lots to say but usually he’s telling a story from when he was a kid on his family ranch or he’s reliving something he actually heard his Dad talk about years ago. He does like to share the memories from the old ranch, or when he spent many years as a horse wrangler.  Sometimes I hear tells I’ve never heard before, kept deep in his memories until something triggers them to surface, his dad was the same way so it doesn’t surprise me he’d be the same, he is his dad’s son.

Something recently has sparked his humor button, his dad could make you laugh instantly, but not so much my husband it’s just something he doesn’t do much joke telling or teasing. So I find it interesting the last few days he was full of himself;

Husband comes around the corner of the pump house with a broken shovel; the wood handle was broken apart from the metal shovel head, Him: “we need a new shovel for the winter, Me: “which winter”?, him: “This winter “, Me:  “How did you break it”? , him: “I hit Gus (my horse) over the head with it” me: “I doubt you got close enough to hit him over the head” him: Great big grin, (boy did that look like a naughty little kid grin) me: “ Why did you hit Gus over the head”? him: “He was hacking on me” me: “what was he doing” him: “He was giving me horse shit”.

Me: “A mosquito bite me through my sock, how is that possible”?, Him: “Must have had a long beak”

Me: “Going out to hang my pants on the line” Him: “Airing your dirty laundry”?  Me: “Actually I’m airing my clean laundry” Him: “Dirty, clean your still airing your laundry”.

He’s reading an article on the internet, he says it’s a crazy world out there” Me: “Why do you say that”? Him: “Some school district in California is demolishing their dress code; kids can wear whatever the hell they want” “They can wear anything they want as long as they cover up their Whoopi”.

Me: “Those crazy chicken’s” Him: “Yeah they do have a feather or two loose”.

I don’t know if the moon in his horoscope is rising or connecting with Saturn or Mars or maybe even Venus but somewhere along the way he found his Farm Humor.


Farm Tales

The adventures of Sassafras

Sassy as we call her, can and is definitely Sassy most of the time, she is also the sweetest dog you will meet kind and gentle especially with kids except she has a slight flaw she is very willful, mind of her own.

Sassy came to us when she was 4mos old, from the local Animal Shelter.  Her mother and father and two other pups were found abandoned in a wooded area far from any humans, left to survive on what they could find.  When they were discovered  by accident the animal shelter rescued them from starvation, a life no dog should suffer.

The dogs and pups were so emaciated they were quarantined for weeks receiving special food, medical attention, and most of all socialization.  It’s believed the dogs were out there for some time, possibly even before the pups were born.

Sassy is a “Maremma” guardian dog, pronounced “Mare” “Emma” the breed originates from Central Italy.

Both parents were large dogs; they and one pup went to a rescue in Oregon, Sassy and one other pup were adopted. I’ve always thought she was mixed with something, Border Collie or Australian shepherd she’s built like a border, although she has the disposition of the Maremma .

Sassy did on occasion and still does have this one trait that was rather odd she would horde everything and anything she found, usually it was something you set down.  We could search for it knowing she took it, we would hardly ever find the things until they would appear again when she would one day just have them, actually we believe she’s a klepto, on accession she lets her obsession get the better of her. She has an old leather boot that our son gave her, the boot is sometimes seen in the oddest places then it’s gone for months at a time, and poof back again.

We wonder if being raised out in the woods that survival was to hide everything you found especially food which for her that means everything she can pilfer as well. The shelter told us she was food aggressive with her siblings; we haven’t had that issue here.  She is a garbage dog, not the get into the garbage kind of dog but she might if she could. Sassy will literally eat anything dead, a bird, mouse anything, nasty habit I’m sure she learned it as part of survival as well. Needless to say, the vet knows us well for deworming medication.

Even with her quirks she is a good guardian her specialty is birds, sounds a little odd? Well if you read about guardians most also guard the sky, funny to say that but the chickens are most great full that Sassy keeps the hawks away from their pen, “No Soaring Allowed” by the order of Sassy.  She will chase any flying (yes flying in the sky) any large birds away from the property crows and ravens are her worst enemies.  She also sees to it no species of large birds can land in the fields, geese, birds of prey, egrets and sometimes a heron or two, but what  she can’t see,  she can’t scare away.

One of her favorite most things to do is to climb up on the dirt pile with her two favorite farm friends, Teeny and Max and watch the world go by, literally every car, truck, and piece of farm equipment is under her watchful eyes.  The neighborhood is hers, it also gives her a much higher perch just incase a large bird would dare to fly over on her watch.


Little Girls and their love for horses:

First I’ll clarify that not just little girls love horses, big girls do too.  I’m a proven fact of that, when I was little horse’s hung the moon in my world still do, but when you’re a little girl you have big dreams about something, being a princess, or finding thee prince charming and running off with him to live happily ever after, I mean when you’re really young like 5 or 6 at least under ten you think of things like that,not me horses, horses, horses. I still have that profound love for horses, all of them big and small I can watch them for hours grazing in a pasture, I can actual say and I’m truly grateful for it, I have photographed wild horses in  Nevada and Ca many times. Watching them in their natural herds and how they react to each other was one of those moments  looking back it was a surreal experience in my life.  A stud horse blew through his nose at me once, giving me a shiver up my spine from the sound it made, happened just once but not to be forgotten. A band of wild horses where grazing lazily with no worries, as I was photographing them they watched from afar and I them through the lens of my camera, the yellow stud would graze and then lift his head as to keep an eye on me, He really cared less about me until my dear husband came up behind me and said PSSSST, I believe as loud as he could, the yellow stub threw his head up headed straight for us at a dead run, not easy running with a tripod but it all worked out we made it back to the pickup in one piece.  It happened that the yellow stud stopped short of getting close to us, I ask my husband what were you thinking being so loud, he stated he didn’t want to scare me!

So to continue on with this deep love for loves pretty much anything equine, this is a picture of my very first pony, can’t remember what I called him, but he was special like no other.  The boy scout troop my Mom was the leader for made him for me out of a cardboard box, I’m sure Mom made his head because I do remember he had embroidered eyes.  I rode that pony everywhere I could, until finally I just wore him out, he was a good first pony very loyal, only let me ride him no one else (because the hole cut in the box just fit me!).

So it continues; Greeley my youngest granddaughter had her first birthday last month, so of course we had to make sure she got a pony for her birthday not a real one of course yet, but one she could grow into and ride around like I did when I was little. So we bought her this barnyard hopper they call them, one that looks like a horse but a little silly too, except it had to be a real horse color.  She got her first pair of cowgirl boots, a cute little dress with a horse on it, and her cowgirl hat.

We’ll she’s one , so it didn’t go as planned, I had hoped for a picture in her new outfit sitting on that horse we got her, except she didn’t want anything to do with that horse, actually it seems she was a little afraid of it.  So we just let her get used to it some, then she would touch it once in a while, but would scream If someone tried to get her to ride it.  So we set it where she could crawl to it and see it, oh she would touch it on her own terms, but then the breakthrough was when everyone was busy talking and not really paying attention to her, she reached over and placed both hands on either side of it’s head and gentle gave that pony a little kiss on his nose, thinking no one was watching. Greely loves horses already; she has a pony at home she likes to ride and learning how to wear those boots!  Someday she’ll jump on her hopper pony and ride until she wears her pony out just like I did.

I’m sure both my grand girls will be horse girls for life, as long as I can get away with all the horse clothes I buy for them, including riding horses at Nana’s and Papa’s the girls will at least have a foundation started of “Horse Love”.  If nothing else just to torment their Dad’s 😉  hehe.



Farm Market

New sacks, New designs for Just Farm Girl It Designer Farm Bags

A Big thank you to the Lost River FFA kids for saving their FFA project animal feed sacks for us. We have some great new bags we are busy making Just Farm Girl It Designer Farm Bags.

These bags are made from feed sacks and decorative duck tape, no sew. Durable bags with a solid bottom making them ultra-strong, waterproof, fold-able, easy to clean.

Each bag is handmade in the USA, most bags have a unique inside pocket, and no two are alike. These are an up cycled product, cleaned before put into production.

$14.00 per bag plus $3.00 shipping for each bag, discounted prices if you purchase five or more bags. They make great gifts and excellent all-purpose bags.

We also take custom orders for Designer Farm Bags, from the sack up we call it, you pick the feed sack, we’ll make the bag just for you, we have a variety of sacks available to choose from:

Rabbit, Cow, Chicken, Horse, Pig, Goat, Multi Animals, Birds, Cat, Dog, Farm Scenes, Lamb etc.

Contact us about the type of sacks we have and we’ll send you a picture of the bags we have available that you are interested in and you choose the sack easy as that.  We always have bags already made up for purchase.

Payments through PayPal, invoice will be sent to your provided email, once we receive payment your bag(s) will be shipped. If you have additional questions about the bags please feel free to contact us we would love to hear from you.

Contact us through the website:


Follow us on Instagram #justfarmgirlit



Thanks for looking, Happy Summer from the Farm

Farm Tales

Farm Felines, Responsibilities on the Farm

Cats in general have a notorious nature of being nothing but bird killers, yes they will kill birds any size shape and kind to endure the feral life that many have. Ahh, but farm cats or let’s say some farm cats have a much bigger position on the farm, Chief of Rodent Control. Myth # 1, Don’t feed your cats or feed them very little and they will hunt. Myth # 2, Don’t spay or neuter your cats or they’ll get lazy and won’t hunt.  I can argue both theses myths from the farm’s experiences, our farm feline’s are fed twice daily, they are given their annual vaccations and they are spayed and neutered. Our cat’s are healthy, friendly, and love their jobs because they belong to a family.  They don’t have to travel for food to eat so they stay on the farm, their not scared to be around humans so their taking care of rodents at their home, they’re spayed/neutered which keeps them home. They choose rodents over birds, easier prey for them being more abundant.

Little “Amiss”, was suppose to be a male named Amos then discovered as a female, rescued from a feral mother cat living on her own, she let humans touch her kitties but not her.  When she weaned them, she left never to return leaving her litter for the humans to deside their fate. “Amiss has been with us ever since, unfortuantely she has a handy cap for hunting her color stands out so she can’t sneak up on them to much, except when you roll in the dirt, or it’s winter time.

Nickadeums, all black with brillant green eyes that glow in the dark (which is all you can see at night).    He is the master rodent catcher, most every morning he has made it his job to catch a rodent and bring it to show us what a great job he’s doing. He was rescued from the animal shelter as a wee little kitten with lots of spunk. Unfortunaly he was not very adoptable because of his color, unlucky and spooky they say their loss our gain he is a great cat, on occasion he will vist us in the house and snooze for an hour or two and off he goes on his next adventure.

OC ” Orange Cat” is our oldest at 14 years, she has decided her hunting days outside is over, she is now chief in charge of keeping all insects at bay in the house, and opening the kitchen cupboard door when an occasional mouse gets in a trap. Punkin color and shaped like one, she sleep most of the day either in the sun outside on the deck or somewhere else she chooses. She was given to us by a friend a rescue of course, the best kind. When she was younger she would sleep in the weirdest places, she’s to old to jump up very high so a low seat works best.

Many years ago she would sleep in the boy’s bathroom sink, the only one she’d slept in, she liked buckets too, good curl up spots.

Our farm cats are well loved, each with their own personality and job we wouldn’t have it any other way on the farm, our fourth cat “Doc Holiday” has his own earlier post please visit “Farm Tales” I’m your HuckeBerry” If you haven’t already.