Flowers For Teeny

Just before Easter I had to make a very hard decision, to do what was best for my little girl in dog clothing, the loss I feel is indescribable. I think of her every day; the memories will always be there.

Some of the many things I loved about her:

Once a month we went on a girl’s outing to get her nails trimmed, then we’d share a beef stick, she loved to hang her head out the window and let the wind blow her ears.

When we told her how pretty her toes looked after being trimmed (hated her nails trimmed) She would bat her eyes at us.

Every day of her life with us she slept under a blanket, she would peek out from under it and look at me with true love it always warmed my heart.

She loved everyone she met, every dog and cat they were instantly her friends. She was the sweetest little girl.

Her best friend was my son’s dog, “Sydney” they would hang out together giving the rodents on the place a good scare.                                      

I loved how she greeted me when I came home from being gone without her, she was so excited she couldn’t wait to get outside and see me.

She had the prettiest stand up ears beautifully colored red edged with black and so soft to the touch.

 I miss the sound her nails made when she walked across the living room floor, click, click, click.

Not knowing It would be her last day with us she lay in the sunshine and watched as I worked outside, she visited with the other dogs as she always did, we took her for a ride in the UTV it was a typical day on the farm for her.

We buried her on the farm in one of her favorite places, the dogs and I go for a walk (which she loved to do) we pick dandelion flowers to place in the little vase that sets at her spot. We visit her every day, making sure she has flowers.

Our granddaughter Teagan drew this picture of me,Teeny and my husband it has its place on the refrigerator reminding us she’s always here.

As a friend said to me when I asked about his Mom, oh she has her dog their always together it’s her best friend, exactly! Best friend, confidante, and above all loyal no matter what.

Teeny has a piece of my heart that she took with her, that way we will always be together.

 If love could have saved you Little Girl, you would have lived forever.

 Always in my heart Teeny Girl





A Room With A View

Who doesn’t like a room with a view, looking outside is a great pastime.  How about the view inside?  Remodeling can make some amazing views inside, a live transformation from past to present.  Our latest remodel for the old farm house is one of those moments. It did take some time, with lots to accomplish It seemed to be never ending, although I tend to get impatient waiting to see results. 😊

The room was once a front porch on the house, previous owners enclosed it to create storage space, for us that wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t on the radar to remodel next, yet when I looked at it I decided it could be the perfect space for my Farm Bag making, as well other projects. The space I used in the house was one of the guest rooms, so when company came my projects would need to be stored away in the closet then brought back out to finish.

The biggest and most expensive challenge was to get electricity into the room, which turned out to be a bigger issue than expected, old houses have more than a few things that are not perfect. The experience was tackled by a great local company that made it work for us as well for code requirements.

The rest was DIY for us, the old carpet was removed, grey plank vinyl flooring simulating wood was installed, the walls were covered with ship-lap siding cut and installed by husband and son. I’m the painter, I love to paint! Probably because I love the way it looks when it’s finished.  The walls and ceiling were painted in a bright white that makes the room look bigger. Why I chose white I can’t really say, this is the only room in the house that’s white, If I had to guess what I was thinking at the time it would be white fit the room. We put two overhead fan/lights in the room for a lot of light, which the big window really helps. I’m also a color fan, so my essentials bring the color to the room for my pop factor.

In the rooms I always like to have one piece that is the center of attention, this room has more than one but the favorite piece here is the old iron crib turned into a sitting space, this crib was my husbands and his siblings, and his mothers and two of our sons used it, which makes it at least 94 years old, oh the memories there! The front rail from the bed was attached to the back to become a place to hang one of my old quilts. It’s a great place to sit and check out that window view, Irish Coffee in hand!

My handy men reinforced the springs with a piece of plywood, I had a mattress made for the crib, then wrapped it in old linens to give it a soft cushion seat.  Added an old quilt for some color, which sparked the color scheme with the pillows to coordinate. It turned out to be a fairly easy up-cycled project.

Ever dumpster dive? I always hear of great things found by the side of the road or in a dumpster, I actually got to experience it last spring. The large table was out by a dumpster in the rain, asked the right person, brought it home, sanded, painted, and varnished the top, it makes the handiest table.

I’m a up cycler for sure, one of my favorite past times is finding old things and changing them into something else, usually for me however I’m known to sell a piece or two or make something for someone else.

Heat was something I needed for the winter months it stays cool in the summer, a little decorative electric heater gets turned on when I’m working in there for a warm and cozy feeling with the mock flame it gives a little ambiance to the room.

Another couple upcycle projects in the room is the dry erase board, made from an antique mirror frame that came off an old dresser, the original glass had a nasty crack so we removed it, a local glass company replaced it with a new piece. I backed it with a piece of vintage material, hubby helped hang it on the wall and there you have it a place to write down what you’re supposed to remember!

The little green ladder I bought cheaply, sanded and painted with chalk paint, made some shelves for it out of some old reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets.  It has served as a shelf ever since, recently a place to hold my clean bags waiting to be transformed into Designer Farm Bags, also enough space for all the accessories for bag making.

I must give lots of credit to my wonderful husband for being so supportive of my endeavors, he never questions only gives advice where he believes its most important, credit to my youngest son he has great ideas that makes things more interesting and well appreciated. Very handy indeed!

I’m truly blessed to have my own space, others are always welcome my oldest granddaughter and I had some crafty time together in the room which was fun for both of us. I love my room, it makes me happy each time I step in and it keeps me coming back for more me time.  The best things I’d have to say about it is, everything is in one room, I can find what I’m looking for and most of all it’s my happy space with a view inside and out.



T’was The Night Before A Non-Denominational Winter Holiday

When all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, the neutral gift sacks were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that a non-specific holiday figure soon would be there.

The children of all race, creed and religion were all snugged in their beds, with visions of sugar- free plums danced in their heads.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter I sprang from my bed to see what was a matter and to see who the hell was causin all that noise in my yard that late at night.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, an emissions-free vehicle and eight size challenged reindeer. The holiday figure was so lively and quick I knew it must be holiday figure.

He was dressed all in fur (not made from fluffy little animals) from his head to his foot, and his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.

A wink of his eye and twist of his head, soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread and I could put the shotgun back under my bed.

He had a broad but normal face an advanced sized belly although smaller than last year from eating at    ”     ”  way deli.  

He poured out the “spirited” eggnog and chose water instead. For he knew no one could afford to have  Santa crash his sled.

And I heard him exclaim as he left what he said,

“Merry Non-denominational Winter Holiday To All”,   

“Lady of the evening, Lady of the evening, Lady of the evening”

This little verse was written by our middle son when he was in highschool for a school assembly, Oh yes he got sideways glances from the principal, but it helped he lived next door to us.  Only in fun was it written, we bring it out each christmas to have a laugh or two because it means so much to us because who wrote it.  He has written many a poems about his dad his dad’s horse, his Grandpa and more. He has a nack for it, we enjoy his writing with his humour, he also can bring to us a tear or two. But I’d have to say his best role in life is being a Dad, he is dedicated to his kids and we are thankful for him being a loving father.

May your Holidays be bright, and your Christmas Merry, may your faith lighten your way,

From our Family Farm to you and yours a Good Night.




The Season of Fall and Everything it brings

Seasons, everyone has their favorite many like the warmer ones and some the cooler.  As time changes the colors from greens to creamy yellow to burnt orange and on to brown, other transformations take place as well; the days are shorter and cooler. Sweatshirts, blue jeans and baseball caps along with cool fresh air,  walking through the leaves and kicking them up to watch them fall once more, these are my favorite things of the season.  The softer colors of the sunlight reflect on the trees creating shadows lingering until sun set, High school football memories from years back always come to life for me again in the Fall.

Harvest time here in the basin, starts in the summer with hay harvest, as the summer lengthens into fall the crops go from mint, to onions and garlic and so on, the whiffs of hay, mint, onions and garlic in the air, makes your senses take over to inhale the mighty scents of the crops being harvested.  Cool mornings carry the aromas through the fields floating into the air celebrating the gather.

Fall is a time for everything to prepare for the long winters sleep, resting to regain strength for new growth to come again in the spring. Winter will soon take on its task to provide the nourishment of moisture and idle sleep.  Spring will leap in with its warm sunny days allowing the birth of the new growth awakening from a long slumber.   Summer strikes with hot days and warm nights, lingering through the months waiting for Fall all over again.

When Potato harvest here is in full fashion trucks carry heaps of different sizes, colors, and shapes of these food favorites to be processed for sale or for storage. Living in potato country and near a potato shed it became interesting to see all what went into getting them into the sheds for storage and getting them back out again to process for shipping. When we first moved to this area, I was amazed at the amount of potatoes that were harvested along with the other farm crops, great place to see where our food comes from. Speaking out loud of my amazement of all that is grown here, I was told yeah during harvest time every corner has what you need for a good soup.

Yes of course pretty much you could get what you needed anywhere around harvest time, but what they really meant was on every corner you could literally pick up what you needed for a good soup. The spill over from the trucks as they turn the corners on the well traveled roads do indeed have, potatoes, onions, garlic for the taking no charge , bring your own bag!.


Farm Humor

For those of you that know my other half know him as a man of few words, which means he’s just not one to sit and jabber on about things, oh he has lots to say but usually he’s telling a story from when he was a kid on his family ranch or he’s reliving something he actually heard his Dad talk about years ago. He does like to share the memories from the old ranch, or when he spent many years as a horse wrangler.  Sometimes I hear tells I’ve never heard before, kept deep in his memories until something triggers them to surface, his dad was the same way so it doesn’t surprise me he’d be the same, he is his dad’s son.

Something recently has sparked his humor button, his dad could make you laugh instantly, but not so much my husband it’s just something he doesn’t do much joke telling or teasing. So I find it interesting the last few days he was full of himself;

Husband comes around the corner of the pump house with a broken shovel; the wood handle was broken apart from the metal shovel head, Him: “we need a new shovel for the winter, Me: “which winter”?, him: “This winter “, Me:  “How did you break it”? , him: “I hit Gus (my horse) over the head with it” me: “I doubt you got close enough to hit him over the head” him: Great big grin, (boy did that look like a naughty little kid grin) me: “ Why did you hit Gus over the head”? him: “He was hacking on me” me: “what was he doing” him: “He was giving me horse shit”.

Me: “A mosquito bite me through my sock, how is that possible”?, Him: “Must have had a long beak”

Me: “Going out to hang my pants on the line” Him: “Airing your dirty laundry”?  Me: “Actually I’m airing my clean laundry” Him: “Dirty, clean your still airing your laundry”.

He’s reading an article on the internet, he says it’s a crazy world out there” Me: “Why do you say that”? Him: “Some school district in California is demolishing their dress code; kids can wear whatever the hell they want” “They can wear anything they want as long as they cover up their Whoopi”.

Me: “Those crazy chicken’s” Him: “Yeah they do have a feather or two loose”.

I don’t know if the moon in his horoscope is rising or connecting with Saturn or Mars or maybe even Venus but somewhere along the way he found his Farm Humor.