Farm Humor

For those of you that know my other half know him as a man of few words, which means he’s just not one to sit and jabber on about things, oh he has lots to say but usually he’s telling a story from when he was a kid on his family ranch or he’s reliving something he actually heard his Dad talk about years ago. He does like to share the memories from the old ranch, or when he spent many years as a horse wrangler.  Sometimes I hear tells I’ve never heard before, kept deep in his memories until something triggers them to surface, his dad was the same way so it doesn’t surprise me he’d be the same, he is his dad’s son.

Something recently has sparked his humor button, his dad could make you laugh instantly, but not so much my husband it’s just something he doesn’t do much joke telling or teasing. So I find it interesting the last few days he was full of himself;

Husband comes around the corner of the pump house with a broken shovel; the wood handle was broken apart from the metal shovel head, Him: “we need a new shovel for the winter, Me: “which winter”?, him: “This winter “, Me:  “How did you break it”? , him: “I hit Gus (my horse) over the head with it” me: “I doubt you got close enough to hit him over the head” him: Great big grin, (boy did that look like a naughty little kid grin) me: “ Why did you hit Gus over the head”? him: “He was hacking on me” me: “what was he doing” him: “He was giving me horse shit”.

Me: “A mosquito bite me through my sock, how is that possible”?, Him: “Must have had a long beak”

Me: “Going out to hang my pants on the line” Him: “Airing your dirty laundry”?  Me: “Actually I’m airing my clean laundry” Him: “Dirty, clean your still airing your laundry”.

He’s reading an article on the internet, he says it’s a crazy world out there” Me: “Why do you say that”? Him: “Some school district in California is demolishing their dress code; kids can wear whatever the hell they want” “They can wear anything they want as long as they cover up their Whoopi”.

Me: “Those crazy chicken’s” Him: “Yeah they do have a feather or two loose”.

I don’t know if the moon in his horoscope is rising or connecting with Saturn or Mars or maybe even Venus but somewhere along the way he found his Farm Humor.



Little Girls and their love for horses:

First I’ll clarify that not just little girls love horses, big girls do too.  I’m a proven fact of that, when I was little horse’s hung the moon in my world still do, but when you’re a little girl you have big dreams about something, being a princess, or finding thee prince charming and running off with him to live happily ever after, I mean when you’re really young like 5 or 6 at least under ten you think of things like that,not me horses, horses, horses. I still have that profound love for horses, all of them big and small I can watch them for hours grazing in a pasture, I can actual say and I’m truly grateful for it, I have photographed wild horses in  Nevada and Ca many times. Watching them in their natural herds and how they react to each other was one of those moments  looking back it was a surreal experience in my life.  A stud horse blew through his nose at me once, giving me a shiver up my spine from the sound it made, happened just once but not to be forgotten. A band of wild horses where grazing lazily with no worries, as I was photographing them they watched from afar and I them through the lens of my camera, the yellow stud would graze and then lift his head as to keep an eye on me, He really cared less about me until my dear husband came up behind me and said PSSSST, I believe as loud as he could, the yellow stub threw his head up headed straight for us at a dead run, not easy running with a tripod but it all worked out we made it back to the pickup in one piece.  It happened that the yellow stud stopped short of getting close to us, I ask my husband what were you thinking being so loud, he stated he didn’t want to scare me!

So to continue on with this deep love for loves pretty much anything equine, this is a picture of my very first pony, can’t remember what I called him, but he was special like no other.  The boy scout troop my Mom was the leader for made him for me out of a cardboard box, I’m sure Mom made his head because I do remember he had embroidered eyes.  I rode that pony everywhere I could, until finally I just wore him out, he was a good first pony very loyal, only let me ride him no one else (because the hole cut in the box just fit me!).

So it continues; Greeley my youngest granddaughter had her first birthday last month, so of course we had to make sure she got a pony for her birthday not a real one of course yet, but one she could grow into and ride around like I did when I was little. So we bought her this barnyard hopper they call them, one that looks like a horse but a little silly too, except it had to be a real horse color.  She got her first pair of cowgirl boots, a cute little dress with a horse on it, and her cowgirl hat.

We’ll she’s one , so it didn’t go as planned, I had hoped for a picture in her new outfit sitting on that horse we got her, except she didn’t want anything to do with that horse, actually it seems she was a little afraid of it.  So we just let her get used to it some, then she would touch it once in a while, but would scream If someone tried to get her to ride it.  So we set it where she could crawl to it and see it, oh she would touch it on her own terms, but then the breakthrough was when everyone was busy talking and not really paying attention to her, she reached over and placed both hands on either side of it’s head and gentle gave that pony a little kiss on his nose, thinking no one was watching. Greely loves horses already; she has a pony at home she likes to ride and learning how to wear those boots!  Someday she’ll jump on her hopper pony and ride until she wears her pony out just like I did.

I’m sure both my grand girls will be horse girls for life, as long as I can get away with all the horse clothes I buy for them, including riding horses at Nana’s and Papa’s the girls will at least have a foundation started of “Horse Love”.  If nothing else just to torment their Dad’s 😉  hehe.




Farm Life the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Farm Living moves by the seasons, in spring it’s hurry, rush, rush, hurry to get ready for the crop season.  Lately that’s were we’ve been, exception no irrigation water, which is an ugly.  Winter didn’t produce enough water to go around this year, which means delayed water deliveries, which means even though you pay for your full water allocations, you may not get all the water you paid for.  We are hoping water deliveries will start after the first of June, which is over a month delay, mother nature has been providing us with some pretty good storms to keep the grass growing which is a blessing.

The pigs arrived on the farm late April, it was a cold and rainy day, so they snuggled down in their warm house unil the the sun came out and warmed them up.  We raise pigs each year, as we have for many years, other livestock as well.  It’s a way of living for us, as we care about what we eat and where it comes from and what it is fed.  Living on a farm gives us this opportunity, this a good.

There are times, when something happens on the Farm when you have no control over it, and that’s a bad.  We lost out beloved rescue  bunny “Poka Dot”, I knew when I adopted her she was older, but one day their there and the next not, kinda gives you that sab in the heart.  She enjoyed her freedom from being locked in a cage everyday, I like to think she was happy for the time we had her.  Our Ranger rabbit is very sad he can’t find her, and lays by her hutch as if she’ll come out some day.  So I will go to the Humane Society next week and adopt the bunny that’s been there the longest, to come and live their life out on the Farm just being a bunny.

Projects are always going on here, the Big Red Barn we call it has almost a complete new roof, when the weather calms down they can finish up and she will shine for all to see when the sun hits it! Sunglassess needed. The “guys” (husband and son) finished the horseshoe pit, which turned out really great, enjoyable in the evenings to throw some shoes. I enjoy roasting marshmellows, so the Farm fire pit is a great after dark enjoyment as well, the “Farm Pit” is an old iron cattle feeder on legs, with acts as a scrap wood burning pit as well. Working on an inside remodel which will probably take most of the summer to finish, that’s ok because when I get it completed it will be worth it, My own sewing/craft room! everything in one spot I’m very excited.  The “guys” have the flooring, and walls completed and I’m working on the painting, which I love to do but I have to go to work sometimes too.  Pictures will be provided of the makeover.

I believe I’ve caught you up on most of the happenings here, family and friends if your in the neighborhood or need a break from your neck of the woods, come visit, play some horseshoes with us or sit by the “Farm Fire Pit” and enjoy warmth on a cool evening by roasting a marshmellow or two.


This old girl is finaly getting a face lift

Everygirl in her life at one point, thinks she has wrinkles, extra pounds, bad hair and just about everything about her just doen’t set right sometimes in her life. When you get that chance to make a change in your apperance you often wonder If this is the right choice, hair color change, cut my hair short, leave it long or do a whole new you! Well I’ll say this old girl is going through some big changes, and it starting right now.

Often we overlook our selves by doing so much for others, honestly most won’t care what you look like so sometimes you just don’t care either. Apperances to some are about everything, apperances to some are nothing, Who cares right?, Well maybe for some they don’t care and we all know this kind, they pretty much only care for themselves.

You ever hear someone say how much better they feel when they change their apperance, well this old girl is starting to feel just that, this face lift will launch a new her with only more changes to come a total make over before long, this may take some time because of the costs, but it’s a start and you’ve got to start somewhere to get anywhere.

How exciting it will be to have a new look, after looking haggard and worn down for years, like being used up and no one caring , just waiting for someone to take notice and care about you again.

Well this old girl is on the road to a new life ahead with someone caring, this face lift will be the start to a boom of excitment for her and she will once again have a little shine from her lift, and maybe one day she again be what she once was in her hay day.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not talking about me getting a face lift, although I probalby could use it but it’s not for me, but it’s certainly for the old girl.

“The old girl” is our beloved historic dairy barn, she’d getting a face lift this week with a new roof! She already is feeling better with all that old rusty metal removed, and breathing a little till the new metal roofing goes up and she will shine so big when the sun hits her roof it will look like she is smiling.

As you can tell I’m very excited for her, she is well deserved a makeover, she has been a loyal grand girl for many years to those that used her for many tasks, including miking cows.  Years have taken there toll on her, she has been overlooked, as well some repairs have not been so timely or fattering to her.

The sweetheart she is from her old lap siding, with her tall rafters, so many memories we will never know, for she keeps them tucked away in her beautiful beams of wood that was built many years go. I stand and look up to the rafters where the little birds like to nest, and she greets them each spring as they return to raise their young in her beautiful presence.

“The old girl” is cherished for her beauty,  for her ability to give us hope of the memories, because we know they are there, her make over starting with her roof will bring back her shine giving her once again the feeling she has a purpose and is cared for.

The home page picture of her will be replaced as each step in her make over is achieved, be sure to check on her status, celebrating her victories along the way.




Humor is everywhere just listen

I would even go so far to say that Humor is in your genes, an inheritable factor passed down from generations of others that see the funny side for what it really is the “spice of life”.  Everyone isn’t gifted with it, nor are some even effected by a hilarity of sorts and some of us can’t re-tale a tale that was  comical to most , which becomes quirky to others.

My Mom had a quick wit, my oldest bother had it , two of my sons have it, me every once in while I can come up with something to at least make you smile. What is quick wit? the ability to think fast with a comeback line or to make a single conversation into a hilarious situation that will make you laugh so hard tears run down your face, or If your like me I laugh so hard I feel like I might pee my pants.

When my two boys get together their humor feeds off one another, which usually keeps us all in “stiches” or leaving the room to compose ourselves, but really what does humor have to do with anything in our lives? I’ll tell you lately I’ve been trying to teach my self to find humor in everything that irritates me, especially with others, however some are harder to find.

I was going through some papers the other day and found a letter written to me from my Mom, she wrote in the letter how things were going for her a typical letter from a parent, a small sheet of note pad paper lay inside this letter, again I read it as I had never read it before. Of course it was humorous but it brought such joy to see her hand writing and feel her wit through her writing. I’m sharing it with you today, from a lady that could find humor in just about everything, something I’m hoping I can get better at, because I find it makes you happy and If your having a bad day, then laughter is the key.

I can’t say for sure where Mom got this or If she wrote it, although it wouldn’t suprise me she was always writing things down, either way I hope you enjoy it from a grand lady that was a hoot!

“With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information & wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distrubutes out to the rest of our bodies.  So we aren’t heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.  Begining today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I think good grief look how smart I am!  Must be where the expression “Smart Ass” came from?