Farm Tales

This is our Maximus “Max” for short, Great Pyrenees and Akbash the day we brought him home  2 years ago @ 3 mos old weighing 35 pounds.  He’s a guardian dog which means his job is to keep predators off the farm.  He was born in a goat barn to establish his guardian traits at a young age. Max is a wonderful dog,  he’s   two years old, he’s matured into a large 125 pounds of serious stuff when it comes to protecting his place, no stray dog gets past Max or skunk or muskrat. Although he does have a soft spot for kids loves the grand kids.  Max loves my husband, where ever my husband is on the farm, Max is there too, all I have to do is see Max (can’t miss him) and there my husband will be.  My husband would never admit it, but Max is his favorite too.